Alumni Tour: Robert Morris University

Alumni Tour - Western Canada

The RMU Alumni Tour is a unique, first-class opportunity to visit some of the world's most historic and beautiful locales with alumni, friends, and other members of the Robert Morris community. See unforgettable places like Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, and Hungary and the Czech Republic. Stay in luxury accommodations, dine in the best restaurants, and enjoy a private itinerary that showcases the very best.

The mountains of Western Canada offer some of the most dramatic alpine scenery to be found anywhere on Earth. This year's RMU Alumni Tour takes you step-by-step from one resort to the next, as dramatic vistas unfold outside your window with every passing mile.

From Vancouver, our private coach tour stops at Hell's Gate, Sun Peaks, Blue River, Jasper, Spirit Island, Lake Louise, and Banff. Eagles soar over this land of spectacular mountain views, sparkling lakes and rivers, and dazzling glaciers, while a host of wildlife including moose, bear, and caribou make their home in the forests that cling thickly to the surrounding hillsides.

Meanwhile, beginning with the castle-like Fairmont in Vancouver and continuing as we make our way through the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains, each of our overnight accommodations meets the highest standards of luxury and comfort.

Join new President Chris Howard and his wife, Barbara Noble Howard, and other RMU alumni and friends for this breathtaking retreat to Western Canada.

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