Amon Harrod ‘00 M’04

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

As the director of hosting services at Pair Networks, Amon Harrod ‘00 M’04 oversees a team at the Pittsburgh company that builds servers for customers and maintains software and hardware for high-end customers. Amon splits his time between Pittsburgh and his home in Washington, D.C., where he is involved with several charitable initiatives, working with the Spread the Love hunger drive and a street and neighborhood cleanup effort.

Amon earned his B.S. in management information systems and a master’s in internet information systems at RMU. He also played tight end on coach Joe Walton’s football team, where he enjoyed several championship seasons. He recalls the team traveling on long bus trips together. “It builds a lot of team spirit with one another, especially when you don’t know people at first and they become like your brothers,” he says. He also played on the basketball team during his freshman year, and enjoys coming back to campus for Homecoming, with Tailgate Alley and the Alumni Zone and 1921 Club tent perks.

In his sophomore year, Amon pledged Phi Beta Sigma, and by his senior year he was inducted as the chapter president. His time with Phi Beta Sigma helped him make connections with long-lasting consequences. One of them led to a campus job in the computer lab, where his interest in computers grew as he learned from other professors who used the facility. By his senior year, Amon had the role of overseeing all the computer lab student workers, foreshadowing his future career.

 Written by Kayla Carbert

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