Gallup: Robert Morris University

RMU Alumni outperform National Average

Gallup survey shows graduates are more engaged in their careers

Choosing a college is an important decision and a major investment in your future. The outcomes you expect from earning your degree should be a key consideration. And RMU graduates outperform typical college graduates on a number of measures, according to Gallup surveys.


Recently, Gallup surveyed of 802 RMU alumni who graduated between 2002 and 2016 and compared their answers to a nationally representative sample of 10,000 college graduates. They found that:

  • 67% of RMU graduates had a college internship that let them apply what they learned (vs. 54% of graduates nationally)
  • 77% of RMU graduates work in a professional or managerial position (vs. 67% of graduates nationally)
  • 84% of RMU graduates are employed in a field related to their major (vs. 74% of graduates nationally)

The survey also shows that, compared to college graduates nationally, RMU graduates:

  • Are more likely to say college prepared for life after graduation
  • Earn more in personal and household income
  • Are more likely to have a job offer waiting when they graduate
  • Report being more engaged in their careers
  • Are more likely to thrive in their personal well-being

This is the second time a Gallup survey has shown these differences in college outcomes between RMU graduates and the typical U.S. college graduate. A 2014 Gallup survey also found RMU alumni are more likely to be working full time and are more engaged in their jobs and in their communities.